How to configure the application?

There are two ways of configuring: using the Configuration Wizard and manually. The first way is preferred for those who just learn the tool and its features, because it allows to complete the configuration process in a user-friendly questions and answers interface. The Configuration Wizard will automatically appear on the first launch of the application. After you have finished using it, you can check and change options manually using the options window.

Using the Configuration Wizard

You can launch the Wizard:

  • in the authentication window by clicking the corresponding icon

  • in the main control window by clicking the corresponding icon

  • in the options window by pressing Run Wizard button

The Configuration Wizard is a set of pages with questions you have to answer. In order to proceed to the next page, press Next button (Enter), to return back to the previous page — Back (Escape). In order to exit the Wizard after you have finished using it, press Close button. Also, you can stop the Wizard by pressing Cancel, no changes will be saved in this case.

The following keys can be used for quick answer selection:

  • Y/N — “Yes” and “No” answers at pages with two possible answers;
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 — select corresponding option, or control slider;
  • , , , — transition between options;
  • Space — select/switch option;
  • +/- — control slider.


You can manually configure the application in the options window, which can be opened by pressing Options button in the main control window.

Scan parameters

First, you have to specify the scan modes. In order to do this, go to the Scan page.

Enable options of the modes you want to engage.

In case of selecting the modes of weak players search and marked players search, you have to specify the minimum number of suitable players at the Player categories page in the Min. number of suitable players field: if the number of suitable (weak and marked with a color label) enrolled players in a tournament is less than the specified number, this tournament is not considered as suitable. When using these modes simultaneously, the sum of weak and marked players is calculated and then compared with the specified number. If you have players you don't want to play with, and you have set the list of these players at the Unwanted players page or in the poker client options, then you have to specify the maximum number of unwanted players in Max. number of unsuitable players field: if the number of such players in a tournament is greater than the specified number, the tournament is skipped. Also you can specify the maximum number of unknown players in Max. number of unknown players field: if the number of players without obtained SharkScope stats is greater or equals the specified number, then the tournament is skipped.

In case of using the mode of weak players search, you have to specify search criteria. In order to do this, browse to the Easy opponents page.

Easy opponents page

You can select an appropriate criteria in the list or specify it manually in the field below.

When enabling the pursuit mode, you have to specify the name of a pursued played. Please note that in case of finding a pursued player, the parameters described above (the numbers of suitable, unwanted and unknown players) are ignored, i.e. the tournament, wherein a pursued player is found, is always considered as suitable independently of other parameters.

In case of disabling all of the modes, the following functions are still active:

  • obtaining and saving of SharkScope stats for the players whose names are visible in poker client lobby;
  • automatic creation of color labels;
  • automatic closure of “annoying” popup windows in poker client;
  • automatic acceptance/denial of rematch in HU SNG games.

Automation parameters define when the application should act without user's participation. Open the Automation page.

If you want SharkyScanner to automatically search for a suitable tournament, enable Browse tournaments automatically option. In this case the application will control poker client to browse from on tournament to another cyclically scanning all tournaments in the list.

If you want SharkyScanner to automatically register you in a suitable tournament, enable Register automatically option. In this case the application will control poker client to complete the tournament registration process.

In order to enable automatic rematch function in HU games, open the Heads-Up rematch page.

Select Accept or Decline option for automatic processing or Disable if you want to accept or decline rematch manually.

Session parameters and scan completion

You can set the number of simultaneously played tables, the number of games in session and the duration of session at the Session page. Session is considered as completed if the total number of the games you have played and the number of the games you are registered in reached the specified number, or the time given for the session expired. If session is completed, SharkyScanner stops looking for games.

You can specify additional scan-related conditions at the Safety page.

Configuring SharkScope

Browse to the SharkScope page.

Use Enable SharkScope function option for enabling and disabling SharkScope function. Please note that in case of disabled option, you will have the possibility of viewing SharkScope stats that have been obtained and saved to the local database before. When searching for weak players, saved stats will be used.

Simultaneous searches number parameter sets the maximum number of SharkScope stats requests being processed at the same time. In order to reduce the consumption of searches, decrease the value of this parameter. In order to improve the speed of obtaining players' stats and finding weak ones, increase the value.

Enabling Request profit graph if available option allows to obtain player's profit graph along with his stats. If you are not going to view graphs, disable this option necessarily, because it can significantly reduce the time of requesting stats.

Obtained stat currency option defines the currency used to obtain player's stats. Please note that search criteria containing “Av. profit”, “Av. stake”, “Profit”, “Stake”, “Cashes”, “Best 100 streak”, “Best 500 streak”, “Worst 100 streak”, “Worst 500 streak”, “Rake” and “Required bankroll” parameters depends on the selected currency, because all numbers which are compared with those parameters will be in the specified currency.

At the Filters and the Player classes pages, you can create new, modify and delete already existing SharkScope filters and player classes.

In order to create new filter/class, press +, to modify existing filter/class, select it in the list and press pencil button, to delete a filter/class, use x button.

You can select SharkScope filter used to obtain stats by clicking an appropriate icon in the main control window.

Displayed SharkScope stats

You can view stats in the main control window only in manual tournament browsing mode (Browse tournaments automatically option at the Automation page must be disabled). In order to select displayed parameters and specify their color schemas, use the Displayed stats and the Stat highlighting pages respectively.

Other settings

SharkyScanner has a great number of settings that allow to fine-tune it for your needs. Here's a short summary of settings you can find on different pages:

  • Player categories — here you specify how many suitable/unsuitable/unknown players should enroll a tournament to consider it suitable or to skip it;
  • Tough opponents — here you specify criteria for players you woudn't like to play against;
  • Wanted players/Unwanted players — the list of players you do or do not want to play against (you can mark players as “wanted”/“unwanted” during the scan using context menu of the player list in the main window);
  • Unknown players — here you specify what players should be treated as unknown, and whether they are wanted or unwanted by default;
  • Priorities - allows to specify tournament priorities;
  • Notification — settings for visual/audio notification on a suitable tournament spotting or a start of a tournament after auto-registered in it;
  • Tournaments — limitation of played tournaments and auto-registration by scan mode, tournaments type, players number, buy-in, speed and description of a tournament;
  • Low traffic hours — allows to automatically engage additional scan modes if cannot find a suitable tournament for a long time;
  • Custom stats — creation of SharkScope stat parameters calculated according to the formula of other parameters;
  • Search saving mode — allows to reduce consumption of SharkScope searches;
  • Player database — adjustment of update period for SharkScope stats;
  • User interface — language selection and visual settings for the application interface;
  • HUD — SharkyScanner HUD settings;
  • Hotkeys — assignment of key shortcuts for certain actions;
  • Account — authentication settings;
  • Updates — software update settings;
  • Proxy — settings for connection using proxy-server;
  • Advanced options — the rest of the settings which, as a rule, shouldn't be modified;
  • Tools — various helpful tools.