Is it possible to scan multiple poker clients at the same time?

Yes, there is such possibility:

  • run all of the clients you're going to scan;
  • run SharkyScanner and, after detection of the clients, select one of them on the list;
  • click Options in the main window;
  • go to the Tools page;
  • select Run a copy of the application on the dropdown list at the top;
  • click Run a copy button and wait for the second copy of SharkyScanner to start;
  • once a copy of SharkyScanner window appeared, on the list, select another client to scan;
  • repeat copy launches (run only from the very first instance of SharkyScanner) and client selection for all remaining running poker clients.

To ensure proper operation of SharkyScanner during simultaneous scanning of multiple clients, follow the rules:

  • do not close poker clients and SharkyScanner copies before the end of a game session;
  • in order to close all copies, just close the very first instance of SharkyScanner;
  • all copies are closed automatically in case the very first instance of SharkyScanner has to be restarted or closed;
  • if something works improperly, close all clients and SharkyScanner copies and run them again in the order described in the instruction above;
  • keep in mind that SharkyScanner copies exchange only information about table number with each other, and their settings and player databases are independent (during the first run of a copy, its settings and database are copied from the main copy of SharkyScanner).

To make the start of a game session more convenient, you can automate the launch of SharkyScanner copies and client selection: run all poker clients, wait until lobbies of all running clients appear, and then run SharkyScanner with the command line parameters /copies:1 /autoselect (for two clients). If there are more clients, the number of copies (/copies:) must be one less than the number of running clients: /copies:2 for three clients, /copies:3 for four clients, etc.

You can save command line parameters in SharkyScanner shortcut's properties.