SharkyScanner subscription

You can try SharkyScanner with a free full-featured 7 days trial subscription. It's available right after registration on our website and after 60 days since the end of your last subscription. In addition to the trial subscription, you will get 1000 free SharkScope searches which can be spent only in our software. Please note that these free searches will be available just for the first SharkScope account you specify in SharkyScanner after activating free trial subscription on our website.

Select a subscription type

30 days90 days180 days
Micro stakes (up to $10)$5.99$16.99$29.99
Low stakes (up to $25)$10.99$30.99$57.99
Mid stakes (up to $75)$15.99$42.99$82.99
High stakes (up to $300)$36.99$99.99$189.99
Any stakes$58.99$158.99$299.99

Not including SharkScope subscription price. You can purchase it separately.

Alternative payment methods

You can also buy a subscription in one of the shops below.