How do waiting lists work?

SharkyScanner is able to queue you up for empty tables along with other SharkyScanner users. To make it work, check the Queue up for empty tables option at the Waiting lists page and, in the list below, specify tournaments you want to queue up for. The Automation → Browse tournaments automatically and the Automation → Register automatically options must be checked as well.

As soon as the application spots a tournament that is specified at the Waiting lists page in the lobby, it adds you to the waiting list of this tournament. Once you're first in a line, SharkyScanner begins looking for an empty table and registers you in it once one's spotted. You can join a waiting list only once for a certain tournament type (tournaments differ in game/limit, buy-in, maximum number of players, and speed). To make this feature work better, configure your poker client lobby filter so that the list of tournaments contains only those tournaments you play and does not contain already running tournaments.

If you're currently first in a line but there's no need to register in a tournament due to the table limit or due to the constraints on the total number of open/registered tables, then SharkyScanner reserves your current place in this line and you begin letting following users go ahead. As soon as registration is needed again, you get back on your reserved place in the line and stop letting following users go ahead.

Please note that in case of enabled waiting lists feature, SharkyScanner keeps operating in the mode specified at the Tournament search page. For example, if the Tournament search → Specify criteria of suitable tournaments → Empty tables option is selected, then SharkyScanner will be instantly registering you in any empty tournament if it's not specified at the Waiting lists page. If you don't want the program to operate in any mode but waiting lists, select Do not look for tournaments at the top of the Tournament search page.

You lose your place in a line and go to the end of it in the following cases:

  • you've been registered in a tournament automatically or done it manually;
  • you gave your place manually using the context menu in the waiting lists window;
  • you logged out from your poker client account;
  • lost connection with the SharkyScanner server;
  • the scan is stopped;
  • the waiting lists feature is disabled;
  • poker client is closed.

If you're first in a line and at least one of other users in this line found an empty table, you lose your place in it and go to the end of the line in the following cases:

  • automatic tournament list browsing is disabled;
  • automatic tournament registration is disabled;
  • the main lobby is minimized, off-screen, or being moved or resized;
  • the program was unable to find an empty table;
  • the program was unable to register you in a tournament;
  • there's nothing to scan in the currently opened poker client tab.


  • to see information about waiting lists you joined, click on the information about session in the main window and check the Show waiting lists option;
  • SharkyScanner doesn't take into consideration waiting lists of third-party software;
  • there's a limit of 10 connections to the SharkyScanner server from a single IP address;
  • one user can join a maximum of 30 lines.