Main window of the application.

1Start and Stop buttons to begin and end scanning respectively.

2 – list of players in a selected tournament (context menu is available on right-click).

3 – may contain information about scanning, current tournament and stats for a player, selected in the list 2 (context menu is available on right-click).

4 – rest of SharkScope searches (shows information about SharkScope subscription by click).

5 – icon for a detected poker client (on click, opens client options window or suggests switching to another client if several launched).

6 – tools:

– runs Configuration Wizard;

– SharkScope filter selection;

– copies stats of a player selected in the list 2, formatted as specified in Copied stats format field at the Displayed stats page of the options window;

– shows profit graph for a player, selected in the list 2;

– shows help menu.

7Search button: opens the window for manual player search using SharkScope service.

8Options button: opens the options window.

9 – current mode of operation (opens search criteria settings on click).

10 – automation control tools:

– enables/disables automatic tournament list browsing;

– enables/disables automatic tournament registration.

11 – information about played tables number and session (shows session menu on click).

12 – tool for increasing and decreasing simultaneously played tables number.

13 – shows notification options.