How to assign color labels automatically?

SharkyScanner allows to automatically color weak, tough, average players and those who blocked their SharkScope stats in the lobby and then save these new color labels into poker client's file of notes. If you want to use this feature, click the icon of a detected poker client in the main control window.

The client options window will appear.

In Your nickname list, select the nickname you use to play. Check the Easy/Tough option and pick a color label for this kind of players. During the scan, every player than meets the criteria specified at the Easy opponents page will be tagged as Easy, those who meet the Tough opponents criteria will be tagged as Tough, and those who meet neither of those criteria will be tagged as Average. Players that blocked their SharkScope stats will be tagged as Blocked. If you don't want to overwrite existing color labels, enable the option Color unlabeled players only. If you want SharkyScanner to save player's SharkScope stats along with their color label, enable the Save stats option. Stats will be saved in a format specified in the Copied stats format field of the Displayed stats options page. In order to save changes, press Save.