Ultimate tool for Sit & Go, Spin & Go, and MTT regular players

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SharkyScanner features

  • Automatic registration in Sit & Go, Spin & Go, and MTT
  • Search for empty tables and waiting lists (useful for HU SNG players)
  • Automatic tournament list browsing
  • Automatic reading of SharkScope stats for players in lobby
  • Flexible definition of players' strength criteria
  • Automatic assignment of color labels
  • HUD with SharkScope stats
  • Automatic rematch acceptance in HU SNG

Currently supported rooms

The software is permitted in all of these rooms.

  • PokerStars (including .COM, .BE, .BG, .CH, .CZ, .DK, .EE, .ES, .EU, .FR, .GR, .IN, .IT, .MI, .NJ, .PA, .PT, .RO, .SE, .UK, and SOCHI)