Starting from March 1st, new PokerStars rules for third-party tools that restrict table select based on opponent details come into force. Thus the following SharkyScanner functions get prohibited:

  • tournament search using SharkScope stats;
  • tournament search using color labels and players' nicknames;
  • player pursuit mode;
  • automatic acceptance of Heads-Up rematch with suitable and rejection with unsuitable players.

We're planning to alter SharkyScanner in compliance with the new requirements by removing the functions listed above and to release an update on February 28th. Also, after the release of the update, we will reduce prices for subscriptions, therefore sybscriptions that end on February 28th or later will be extended. If you're not planning to use SharkyScanner after its functionality is limited, please write us, and we will refund money for unused days.

If you're not sure how the new rules affect you, send a report from the program (how to do it?) so that we have your current settings, and we will explain how the new restrictions will affect you.


Ultimate tool for SNG regular players


  • Automated tournament registration
  • Automated tournament list browsing
  • Search for easy opponents
  • Search for players you marked earlier
  • Pursuit for a selected player
  • Search for empty tables (useful for HU SNG players)
  • Automated reading of SharkScope stats for players in lobby
  • Stats highlighting (to determine quickly whether it's good or bad)
  • Flexible criteria definition used to search for suitable opponents
  • Automated HU rematch acceptance
  • Use of your color lables
  • Automated creation of color labels
  • “Embedding” of the SharkyScanner window into client's lobby
  • HUD

Currently supported rooms

+ The software is permitted in all of these rooms.

  • PokerStars (including .BE, .BG, .CZ, .DK, .EE, .ES, .EU, .FR, .IN, .IT, .NJ, .PT, .RO, .SH, .UK and SOCHI).
  • Full Tilt (including .EU)